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On AT&T, Apple Store, Comedian tells it like it is

Comedians can sometimes make the most pointed comments about society. In the case of Lewis Black, he nailed it. For starters, “AT&T carries phones in the way that mosquitos carry malaria”. He describes his poor experience with the telegraph company, and his other-worldly apple store experience. Check it out. Do you agree with how he portrays these companies?

This 1993 Ad Predicted GPS, the iPad, and Movies on demand

One ad campaign from 1993 has proved itself to be incredibly predictive. The campaign, themed “You Will”, and produced for AT&T, predicted things like the iPad, GPS, videochattingm and more, all a decade before these things came into existance. “Borrowed a book from thousands of miles away”. Just as on the touch display in the commercial, we can now rent a book straight from...

AT&T- Pissing Off Customers since 1879?

AT&T seems large now, but one century ago it was worth the equivalent of $300 billion (2012 dollars). That would have made it the third largest company in the world today. Also, although they may seem sort of complacent now, they actually did do some great things in the past (the title was a joke). The US’s largest telecom company has had quite the fascinating history...