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Does Gangnam Style Hitting 1 Billion Views Count as the world ending?

Breaking News- The World did not end. Worst. Apocalypse ever. The only disaster that’s happened so far is the fact that people have watched Gangnam Style 1 Billion times (the most of any video ever). By my calculations, Gangnam Style has likely made over 2 Million dollars in Youtube ad Revenue alone (assuming a $2 CPM Return). Add in single and album sales, additional...

We’re NASA And We Know it- Oh yes

Houston, a hilarious new video has landed on Youtube. This awesome video resonates with nerds everywhere for a reason. I hope you get as many laughs out of this as I did. Let me know what you think in the comments. Posts provided by The App Store Chronicle- All Rights reserved

How can parents “Parent” in the age of Facebook?

He’s the rootinest, tootinest parent currently spreading virally across the globe. Tommy Jordan has about 33 million views in two months, and he’s been on everything from Tosh, to kids react. The video of this father blowing his daughter’s computer to smithereens (with a .45) because she complained about chores. Is this the right reaction? In this new age of free speech, What roles...