New Matter – May Startup of the Month

This month’s featured startup is New Matter, a company that just successfully crowdfunded their new affordable 3D printer on Indiegogo. See past startups of the month here.

new matter mod-t 3D printer in use

In just three days, they’ve raised over $440,000 with no sign of slowing down (their goal was $375,000). Why have they been successful? Their printer is beautiful, affordable, and supposedly much easier to use. Watch the video below, and then I’ll go into some more detail.

The MOD-T Printer

A Smart Partnership

New Matter partnered up with Frog, one of the best design firms out there, to create an incredibly beautiful printer, and easy-to-use printing experience. Frog is probably best-known for its extensive work with Apple, and Steve Jobs. The programs they developed make 3D printing more attractive and approachable for the average home user, which is exciting.

Impressive Innovations

Normally, 3D printers are very complex machines, because the 3D printer’s head – the device that places the material into the design, has to move with pinpoint accuracy in three dimensions. This makes printers expensive, and fragile, and means extra repair work for anyone who owns one.

Frog took the responsibility for moving in two of those directions, and put it in the print-bed – the area where the printed item sits, which means that the print-head only has to move in one direction. This makes the printer simpler, and less-likely to break.

Their printer, the MOD-T is also very fairly priced (around $250), for the market, which excites me. 3D printing is going to be a huge space, but poor design experience, and unneccesarily high prices has locked out many users, and slowed the growth of the industry. I admire companies like New Matter, and Printers like the MOD-T and Peachy (my personal favorite), for opening up the industry, and making 3D printing much more accessible.

What startup impresses you?

I’m always on the lookout for interesting startups to feature. They don’t need millions of users, or millions in venture capital to impress me. If you see a startup with a great idea, or a great product, leave a comment with their name, and I’ll check them out, and write about them.

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See past startups of the month here.

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