The Ultimate Guide to 2014 Web April Fools Pranks

Every April, I put out a list of my favorite April Fools pranks online. This year I’m a bit delayed, because we now operate on Pyongyang time, in order to stay current on the latest North Korean tech news, but here’s the list.  Better late than never.

April Fools Day 2013

April Fools Day 2012

That time we were acquired by Walmart

Google Maps – Pokemon

Google is looking to hire a new Pokemon catcher, but in order to be considered, you need to catch ’em all. Simply open the Google Maps app by April 2nd at 2 AM, and find all of the Pokemon, and you’ll win an interview (in the distant future.


Youtube New Trends – the latest trends to catch on, on the web

NOTE: Type in “Glub Glub water dance” to see the best part of today’s prank.

Learn about the latest viral trends, like “clocking”, and  “flash sobbing“.

Hulu released their own fake trailer

Netflix chimed in with a fake series: Rotisserie Chicken

This supposed new netflix production is literally just an hour of a chicken roasting. My favorite prank of the day. Check it out here

Reddit Announced Headit

This looks oddly familiar to a Google Prank from a few years ago. It’s not the first time a prank has been stolen.

Virgin America, Richard Branson, and NEST

This one would be amazing, if it were real. Personal climate control onboard. If only.


David Hasselhof Photobombs – Google +

Your selfies are boring. A new feature by Google Plus allows you to spice them up, by letting David Hasselhoff photobomb your pictures. #hoffsome

Lyft – One-star driver

This one is more just a prank video, than an actual prank on users, but ridesharing service Lyft has unveiled a humorous video where they gave some of their users the most nightmarish rides, just for fun.

Twitter Helmet

Yep. Twitter is releasing a helmet.

And more Selfie Pranks

Everybody seems to love the Selfie pranks this year. It’s the 2014 buzzword.

Chegg- Mastering the Art of the Selfie: A course

Orbotix Selfiebot

Silicon Island – Crowdtilt

FYI. I would totally contribute to this, if it were real.


Sony Power Food

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