Youtube Copies Google Prank From ’11 With “Youtube Collection”

In a completely unoriginal and disappointing April Fools Pranks, Youtube announced “Youtube Collection” which is Youtube offline on DVDs. There is a cool homepage added to videos that I like, because it is reminiscent of old DVD menus with annoying soundtracks, and scene selection. Feedback is  snail mailed to from the DVD owner to the content creator (featuring Shane Dawson ). But this is a carbon copy of Gmail’s 2011 prank of Gmail Paper. Gmail Paper allowed you to back up your gmail offline on paper. Reverting back to old technology? Or are you just reverting back to old pranks? The prank itself isn’t bad, but it irks me to see them completely copy their prank from just a year prior in another division. In the words of Donald Trump, “Somebody is going to get fired”.

The Prank:
The Original:

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