2013 Website April Fools Jokes List- Google, Hulu, and More

It’s April 1st and everybody is getting into the spirit with pranks all over the web from Google, to Youtube, to Mashable. Here’s a running list of Pranks, and where to find them.

Google Nose: Google’s new scent-based sniffing search service. Google’s yearly prank.

Youtube is Shutting down. It’s all been an 8 year contest. The winners can be found here (as of 12:37 PM Eastern, the live results show was on).

Davinci invented Google Glass– Mashable’s Shocking Discovery

Google Maps Now offers Treasure maps. Find treasure in your area.

Introducing…Gmail Blue, Gmail’s latest April Fools product.

Even Google Analytics Contributed It’s first Prank (image here)–and yes, my background is the periodic table.

Sony released a new line of April Fools Pet Friendly electronics.

The iWatch is not as expected in an unofficial Apple prank.

And let’s not forget Twitter’s Consonant only service

Also first-time contributors were the Google Australia team- who wrote this gem.

Hulu released their first April Fools prank on their home page. For those who don’t figure it out, the first few shows advertised (ya heard with Perd, the itchy and scratchy show) are fictional shows from within other TV shows.

And then there’s ours.

Leave a comment on your favorite prank for a chance to win an April surprise.

Happy April Fools Day!

Michael Sitver

Michael Sitver is a technology insider who has been blogging about technology since 2011. Along the way, he's interviewed founders of innovative startups, and executives from fortune 500 companies, and he's tried dozens or hundreds of gadgets. Michael has also contributed to works featured in Newsday, The San Francisco Chronicle, and the associated press. Michael also occasionally consults, and writes for Seeking Alpha and Yahoo News.

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