iPad Keynote Event 2013 Notes

Per usual, I’m posting a live copy of my notes here, so that you can quickly catch up on what you missed for today’s iPad/Mac Pro/Macbook Pro keynote event. It’s broadcasting live by the way, right here. You need Safari to watch.

Apple starts with their amazingly thoughtful design video. I love that video so much. Cook talks about the iPhone’s crazy opening weekend, and then introduces a montage made about the weekend. I enjoyed nitpicking through the video for stores I’ve visited (I’ve been to a little over a dozen Apple stores, as far as I can count, in 4 countries). 64% of devices are now running iOS 7 (I think the latest Android numbers are around 30%). 1 Billion songs played on iTunes radio, in 1 month, in just the US (wow).
60 Billion app downloads, and over 1 million total apps. 13 Billion dollars payed out to developers.
Tim Cook took some shots at Microsoft for misdirection, and then went on to talk about the mac’s focus. New macs.
Craig Federighi comes out to talk about Mavericks (so excited about the battery improvements). Mavericks can add up to an hour and a half of battery.
Somehow through some devil magic, Mavericks compresses memory, meaning 6 GB of data in 4 GB of rating. That’s pretty sick! Dynamic graphics memory means more high-performance graphics. GPU enhancements.
Notifications can be responded to in the bubble – that’s helpful.
Apps can be displayed on any display in a multi-display array.
The new Maps and ibooks for Mac bring further functionality.
1: 15
38 min mark
Websites can send notifications if authorized (ebay, MLB, etc)
Calendar is now location-aware, and gives traffic and weather info during and between appointments. Everything works together.
Mavericks is FREE. This will kill Microsoft to match.
Computers back to 2007 work with Mavericks. Available today!
New Macbook Pro!
13 inch is 3.46 pounds and .71 inches thick, with intel Haswell. And 9 hours of battery life. Very solid. Faster wifi standard (3x), faster flash memory, faster thunderbolt (thunderbolt 2 is double speed – wow), and faster graphics, plus faster processor. STARTS AT $1299. Not cheap, but $200 cheaper than it used to. Comes with a measly 4 Gigabytes of ram though. Ships today!
15 inch intel crystalwell processor. Quadcore and more efficient amazing graphics. Choice of graphics card. 8 Hours of battery life. And everything that the 13 inch had. Starts at $1999, $200 cheaper. Nicely done.
48:30 timestamp.
Mac Pro has AMD firepro graphics, 12 GB of DDR5 RAM (can you say zippy), 3.7 GHz INTEL XENON E5 Processors, Thunderbolt 2. Up to 3 4K displays (that is truly, insanely awesome)
Starts at $3000, available before 2014 (Christmas gift?). Made in the US (that explains the pricetag).
iPhoto has a new look. Silence broken on Garageband: new features for mac and ios. Songs can be crossed over devices (for example, if you like doing something on iOS better, and then sending it back to the mac).
iLife now free with both mac and iOS.
Totally redesigned
Pages can now easily make great posters.
Google Docs Style Collaboration tools
Pages, numbers, and keynote were all redesigned.
Now completely free (there goes $70 I forked up)
Mavericks, iOS, iWork, and iLife are now free. Apple’s going for the google model. I still remember paying $5 for a new iPod os a decade ago.’
Cook “Who remembers netbooks?”. They showed us. Apple sold 170 million iPads! 480,000 total iPad apps.
The new (new) iPad
The iPad Air (no joke) Ridiculously thin. A single pound. 64 GB chip (the one in the iPhone)
10 Hour Battery Life (no gold)
Same old 5 MP HD camera. New larger-pixel frontside facetime HD camera
Starts at $499 for 16 GB. Not bad.
iPad mini
Now has a well-above- retina-qualifying display. 2048×1536, and an A7 chip. Still has 10 hours of battery.  Original mini is now only $300 (well worth it). Retina Mini starts at $400.

Michael Sitver

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