Now’s Your Last Chance To Buy Lunch With Tim Cook (If You Can Afford It)

Love Apple? Got $250,000 lying around? You could buy 10 top-of-line Applewatches, or you could buy a lunch with Apple CEO Tim Cook, and two tickets to an upcoming Apple Keynote (plus he might just throw in an Applewatch for free).

Tim Cook at work

Tim Cook at work

Auction site Charitybuzz is once again auctioning off the opportunity to lunch with Apple’s 2nd most famous CEO. This time seems to be a bargain compared to the last time this item was auctioned, in 2013, when it went for $610,000.


Bidding currently stands at $200,000. There’s still plenty of time for wealthy bidders to raise that price though, with 42 hours remaining in the auction.

The budget-conscious billionaire will be happy to know that the cost of lunch is included in the item. According to the description, the lunch meeting will be about one hour, and take place at or near Apple’s Cupertino California California headquarters.

lunch with tim cook

Our guess at what a $200,000 lunch looks like

The hefty sum will go towards the Robert F. Kennedy Center For Justice and Human Rights, which “works to realize Robert Kennedy’s dream of a peaceful and just world by advancing human rights”. If you’ve recently won the lotto, sold your startup, or saved an elderly oil heiress’s dog from a burning building, you can place your bid right here.

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