Review: Flutter for Mac- Control Your Mac With Your Hands

What if you could control your music with the wave of your hand? What if you could do it today, and for free? You’ve probably realized by now that you can, based on how I phrased that. The future has come.

The app is called Flutter and it’s available for free on the mac app store. Flutter uses your web cam to detect gestures at distances from one to six feet away. There are gestures for stop, next, and last, and the app supports controls for iTunes, Quicktime, Keynote, and Spotify. Read on for my review.

So what does that mean for you. You can watch a movie on your bed, keep your laptop on your desk, and pause without getting out of bed. You can present without constantly having to click to get to the next slide. The hands have been liberated.

So how well does it work? By my count, it picked up gestures about 80% of the time, which is excellent for new technology. It only offers four real functions per app right now, but the small selection means that functions are never mistaking, which is very nice. For free, there is no cooler app in the store right now. The only real issue to consider is that running your camera constantly is a battery drain, so use with caution. Give it a try though. It’s free, and it works.

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Michael Sitver

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