Tech News of The Week: 2nd Edition

This week has been relatively quiet in tech news but there was some big news. Here they are:

  • 100 Millionth Download in the Mac App Store. It took only around 10 months. Not bad considering many thought the store would never work. Well Apple can count this as a win in their book. They once again brought a product to the masses extremely well. No shame here. And the countdown is beginning for the billionth app download contest that is sure to come.
  • NTSB Calls for ban on cell phone use while driving throughout the country. What about Siri? Will the government account for new technology that makes some cell use safe? How much safer will this really make our roads? I feel like long after we take the danger out of it they will still ban it just like the turnoff policy on Airplanes.
  • Microsoft releases Skydrive app for iphone– Giving up on Windows phone a little early? They are also planning to release several other new iphone apps. Skydrive is a great product and it is nice to have it on iphone.
  • The founding Papers for Apple that were reported to be sold for $100,000 were actually sold for $1.59 Million. Nice estimate by Sotheby (LOL).
  • Quote of the Week: “Kids Today are fed up with the iphone and confused by Android”- Nokia Executive (#Delusional).
  • Video of the Week: 
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Michael Sitver

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