How Much Lighter is the 4S Compared to the Original iphone?

Technology is always getting lighter. The ipad dropped .2 pounds from ipad top ipad2. So how much lighter is the revolutionary 4S of 2011 versus the obsolete original iphone of ’07?

It isn’t. The iphone 4S is actually one ounce heavier than the original iphone. It is still lighter and a great and well designed phone but Apple engineers haven’t been able to do weight magic to it like with most Apple devices.

In fact this is actually common among Apple devices believe it or not. In the five years that the 17 inch MBP has existed it has only gotten 2 ounces lighter.

But nobody cares because we only want smaller, and faster and Apple provides that perfectly. So frankly I probably shouldn’t complain. I’m just saying.
(Facts Found using MacTracker)

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Michael Sitver

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