There’s a Psychologist in your Mac- Mac Easter Eggs 2

I wrote yesterday about some easter eggs hidden deep within the mac, and today I’ll write about some more great ones.

Access your inner self- The Terminal Psychologist

Terminal has a built-in ‘Psychologist bot’ that’s very entertaining to play with. Here’s how to access it.

  1. Open up Terminal from your utilities folder.
  2. Type in “emacs”
  3. Press ESC and X at the same time. You will see M-X appear in a type box.
  4. Type in “psychoanalyze-pinhead”
  5. Press enter to stop the scrolling. Answer the “doctor”‘s questions as he digs deep into your psyche to examine.

Get the Weather Report from Nowhere.

Go into dashboard, hold down Option/alt and command keys, and click the icon of whatever the weather is on top (i.e the sun). The city will change to “nowhere” as well as the weather report.

I posted a photo of this at the bottom of this article

File Download Date- January 24th 1984 at 3PM

One of my favorite easter eggs. Whenever you download a new app from the mac app store- until it finishes downloading it will say it was downloaded January 24th 1984 at 3PM (the time and date of the release of the Macintosh).

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Weather in Nowhere Easter Egg

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