How To Watermark Photos + The Best Batch Watermark and Resizing App for Mac

There are a ton of mac apps out there for resizing photos (at least 30), and there are quite a few apps for watermarking images, so today I’ll sort through the mess and let you in on a secret– there’s one reasonably priced app that does both.


Very Well Designed User Interface

That app is Photobulk and it’s $8 on the mac app store. It’s well designed, intuitive, and fast, although a bit on the pricy side. To bring photos in, just drag them. In the app, you can resize by pixelage which is as easy as it sounds, add in a text or image watermark (as you may have seen on some of our recent photos, and lower the file size, and it exports very easily as well. The buttons are very simple making building decently complex watermarks a breeze. Honestly, it’s just a very solid app that I enjoy using, and that’s why I’d pay $8 for it.

Another of our Watermarked and resized images using the app

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