Review: An App that Can Read Your Mind: The Story of Akinator

So what is Akinator? Akinator ($1.99) is basically a game of “20 questions” on Steroids that uses artificial intelligence to try and guess your character. In Akinator you choose a character or real world figure and Akinator asks vague general questions with stock answers and after 21 questions or less takes a guess
Surprisingly, Akinator is right the majority of the time because Akinator is built upon user data and is always growing so that it recognizes even the most remote characters. It could be magic, but it’s most likely their massive artificially learning database of characters that judges based on what millions of people have inputted before, and that’s some fascinating technology they’ve built there.

 For some extra fun you can add yourself to the database so that you can feel like a celebrity. By answering the questions using your personality and biography as reference, you will confuse the database and after clicking that he guessed wrong twice, it will ask you to add your character (you) to the database. This will lead you to a place where you can fill out your profile and make yourself guessable to the world.

The app has found pretty remote people from 1920’s baseball players that y grandfather tried to 1970s soap opera stars and small Youtube Stars. The user-generated content just builds a massive database of every celebrity imaginable, and it makes it incredibly on point.

 Check it out and play a few free games at and if you like it you can purchase the unlimited app for $1.99. Warning: This app can be really addicting. App Rating:  (5/5)
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