New Macbook Pro Test Results

Hi all. Today I ran some more advanced functionality tests on the new macbook pro and it performed fantastically. Here are the sick results.

The Specs

2.3 GHz Intel Quad core i7 with 8 GB of 1600 DDR3 RAM with 251 GB SSD and Retina display.

Test 1- Multitasking

I was able to open and use 17 programs continually before seeing a slowdown. The SSD and RAM meant every program opened in under 4 seconds, and even with the 17 programs running I was sort of still able to operate the machine. This machine is definitely perfect or even overkill for even advanced video editors. If you’re doing 3D animation or building advanced special effects it might slow down a bit but it wouldn’t be worse than most current mac pro models. The best part about it though was that due to the SSD and lack of a fan, the machine was silent other than a video playing.
multitasking with 17 programs on the new lightening fast macbook pro
multitasking with 17 programs on the new lightening fast macbook pro

Test 2- Retina Display

The display shows text beautifully and I was able to play several full HD videos on the same screen. You could watch multiple full resolution videos with ease. Both of the videos below were streaming at full HD with NO slowdown. Beyond that, the machine was still lightening fast while they were streaming. The sound was noticeably better, but not as incredible as claimed. The screen has noticeably truer colors due to the new screen. I’ll talk more about these tests in later posts, but so far I’m highly impressed. The only thing that disappointed me, although it isn’t entirely their fault is the doubled pixels in non-Apple programs. As you hopefully can see in the word example below, the new Macbook Pro doubles pixels on old programs to bring text and photos to the proper size. Unfortunately it looks awful next to all other text on this beautiful beast of a screen. So that’s my one major dislike in an all-in-all fantastic machine. All other screens simply pail in comparison.

macbook pro retina display HD streaming test
Streaming test
In unupdated programs, Pixels are doubled (ich)

the fantastic new macbook pro screen streaming HD video
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