The iPhone Band

To those who say that the iPhone is just a toy, watch the Youtube video I posted below. A serious band, Atomic Tom played an entire song using solely their iPhones as instruments. It’s pretty awesome, but it really justifies the concept of the iPhone as a professional tool. If a popular band can play a concert on a phone, it’s professional. In the spirit of this, I laid out a couple of my favorite music creation apps below.

As this video shows, the iPhone is great for music. Even amateurs can make some pretty cool beats. My first choice of app is virtuoso (free) which offers a full, awesome sounding piano that can match the best keyboards. Honestly, it’s a blast. Don’t like piano? Give pocket guitar ($.99) a try. This cheap, fully functional guitar app is intuitive and fun, and allows you to strum single notes, chords, and even add effects for even more fun. If you want to add some vocals to your iPhone band, I recommend “I am T-Pain”($2.99) which auto tunes you to your specifications in an instant to awesome effect. Sound like your favorite artists, and even record songs. Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t include Garageband ($4.99) which is likely the most serious music production application on the iPhone. For more on that, see our review which I linked below.

See also: Our Review of Garageband for iPhone.

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