Celtx Script Writer For iphone Review

Recently I decided to search for a scriptwriting software that would be cheap, and Mac and iphone  compatible. The best option I found was Celtx which offers a freemium Mac app available online, a free iphone viewing app, and a mobile writing app. The ios writing app titled
Celtx Script” is $4.99 on the app store and offers a decent feature set at a high price. It works, which is what I care about at $5. With full writing ability you can write a full script (five formats offered) from your ios device and export it to the more fully featured free mac app, or straight to text, PDF, email, and the printer. You can also use the app as a script viewer while shooting. On the earlier point about being able to write a full script though, I counter that typing an entire script on an iphone can be painful on the fingers.

Conclusion: The app has all of the features for most people’s needs, and writes beautifully, properly formatted scripts, but due to limitations on how much you can type before it hurts, I can only see all of those features being useful if you have an attached bluetooth keyboard. It’s expensive, but stable and certainly not a scam. Feel free to leave any questions below and I’ll be happy to answer them, and tweet this out and subscribe to our RSS feed or daily Newsletter for the best tech news online.
Celtx Scripts: $4.99 Our Review: (3/5) Alright but not phenomenal.

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