Review: Garageband for iphone and iOS

Garageband ($4.99 but universal) for iphone is the best music app out to date… or is it?
It probably is. Garageband for iphone offers some amazing functionalities. For starters this is no dumbed down app. This app features nearly all of the functionality and more of Garageband for Mac. The app offers probably 100 original pre-made loops, multiple customizable software instruments including Guitar, piano, and drums, an amplifier for guitars, and more.
When I first got the app I was afraid that the app was going to feel squished because this app is adapted from the ipad version which is adapted from the mace version. The app is very well spaced. Things aren’t cramped so you don’t have to worry about trying to press one button and ending up pressing another. Things are very graphic and easy to see.
Looks, and Interface: 
The app has everything you could need to produce a song. The included loops are short, but still very nice, and can be dragged and dropped easily. The tracks allow you to build complex music with a multitude of elements. The software instruments in the app are a blast to play. The guitar, and piano are very customizable. The smart instruments may be the best feature though. The guitar plays itself in four different patterns which can be easily customized by  a few input points, and allow you to create tons of unique songs which you can even save as loops to grow your library. The smart drums allow you to customize drum patterns by simply dragging and dropping each element of drums on a grid. It is really cool. Feature Set: 
In the app you can also record singing or instruments and add limited effects to them, and plug in your guitar to use garageband as an amp (that is insane).
The only real problem comes when it is time to share your creation with the world. Your only real option is to email away your baby. If you want to use it for anything else then you need to export the file to Garageband for mac. Sharing: 
Overall: A sweet app for aspiring artists, and bored people. Just don’t pan on sharing that song socially.
Very Good


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