MPAA=Mega A-holes

Helicopters roar overhead. SWAT Teams of heavily armed officers rush the compound from the ground, and the air knocking through doors. No, this is not the story of the arrest of some dangerous druglord, or terrorist. This is how the combined forces of the FBI, and several other nation’s agencies entered the family home of Kim Dotcom, founder of Megaupload.

Sound ridiculous? I thought so which is why I was so surprised that it fell out of the media so fast. A beloved file-sharing service was censored by the government based on the word of private corporations (I’m looking at you MPAA). I’m writing about this months after I originally did because I feel it’s important that I inform you of the chaos that our governments are causing. I consider myself a patriot, but I’m embarrassed for my country.

Based on Botched evidence, and bogus numbers, Dotcom and five others were held without bail for over a month. Somehow the US achieved blocking Mr. Dotcom from the internet as a condition of his bail (legal?). I guess they didn’t want a firestorm. They tried to censor him again and it’s not right. Blocking him from being able to publicly defend himself is not right considering the BS language they used in the indictment that is clearly meant to influence the reader based more on wording than evidence. For example, in the document their company is referred to as “The mega Conspiracy”. Is that normal? It sounds more like something you would see in the Tabloids. The conspiracy is defined as “a worldwide criminal organization”. And Mark Zuckerberg is CEO of the worldwide Terrorist organization known as Facebook. It’s ridiculous. Their whole claim of Money laundering is based on the idea that the site isn’t searchable. Does that put any unsearchable e-commerce site in jeopardy? None of the claims make sense, and neither do the outrageous loss calculations they used which are nearly equivalent to the industry.

My final point- Megaupload with over 170 million users over 7 years was only sued once. If so much was being stolen, why did none of the companies losing so much sue them? It makes no sense, and I’m sick of this BS. Drop the charges and pay Dotcom for damages. Play fair my government. Play fair. If you have any ideas for how we can change things, leave it below.

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Michael Sitver

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