Review: Holga Camera Lens Case For iPhone

With the incredible 8 MP camera on the iPhone 4s, and solid 5MP camera on the iPhone 4 the iPhone is a highly capable camera. From apps like instagram, you can add all sorts of creative effects, but they just don’t give that fun classic look. Tapping away to create your photos just isn’t as fun as the old days when we used to mix up the lenses on our analog SLRs and added physical effects to our photos. But what if there was a way to bring our phones back to this joyous age of creativity. Well, I’m excited to say that for $30 you CAN relive the glory days using the Holga for iPhone (I got mine from the sweet camera shop at photojojo).

The Amazing Holga Case

I bought the Holga mostly for testing purposes, but I fell in love. Holga, in her shiny glory is a well-built iPhone case with a built in lens wheel with 10 different options. By spinning the wheel you can shift between the lenses which include a macro lens (very functional for product photography and getting detailed images), red, blue, gold, and green tints, a heart lens (which lets you frame your lover in a translucent red heart), and double, triple, and quadruple vision lenses. It’s a blast. My only issue with the Holga was getting it off. The case is meant to snap on your phone, but snapping it off is a major effort every time because it get’s stuck good and I fear breaking it or the phone when I pull it off. The corners can also be dark on the photos, but I think it looks cool. Anyways, I posted my example album I made below for your enjoyment. Check out the  (3.5/5) Holga on Photojojo today and treat yourself or your artsy friend to something really cool (although still hard to get off). Enjoy.

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