Apple Patents Air!

Stoppp the madnessssss!!!!! This title isn’t accurate (yet) but in five or ten years, this may be reality. Things that can be powerful in people’s lives when in the public domain, are confined to smaller uses when they are patented, and it is ruining our lives. People with Cancer, and other serious illnesses continue to die, when the potential to treat them is so close. And these deaths could have been prevented. It pisses me off.

When a pharmaceutical lab makes a discovery, they patent the hell out of it. Why? Because this is there only chance to make money off of it. In order to make money off of medical research, they must patent their discoveries and monopolize the market, or charge crazy licensing fields. By preventing other labs from working on their discoveries, they are limiting our potential to cure these diseases, and it is not right. Nobody deserves to die because some Pharmtech company decides that they own a certain field of research for the next 15+ years. There must be a better way. Over the course of about 15 posts spread through these next few months, we are going to explore patent law, and why it is so F-ing screwed up. So if you haven’t already, sign up for our newsletter to get all of the latest posts.

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Michael Sitver

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