This Week’s Recommended Website: RTBot

Apparently, according to Google Web History I have done more than ten thousand searches this year. And yet, so few sites I find are actually worth sharing. Today I share with you one that is. The thing is, I never even searched for this one. It found me (in a nerdy sort of way).

Their Really Cool Logo!

 So this week’s recommended site is Thanks to reader Kelly Miller who sent me the link via
our contact page. If you would like to be featured, or have us feature your site, all you have to do is go to that tab and submit it. You can submit anonymously. The name sounded suspicious at first. I assumed it was either an automatic twitter posting engine, or a scam. What I found was an awesome content aggregator/ search engine that I bookmarked for future use. The great thing about RTbot is that it serves as a hub. Through a single central search bar you can search a term, and easily navigate through well presented results from multiple major video sharing sites, Wikipedia, Twitter, a blog search, images, news, and more. It’s a faster, ad-free, nuisance free Google. I love it. So give it a try for free, and share what you think about it below. Bye.

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