Apple Anounces New Mountain Lion OS

Yesterday Apple released the news that Mac OSX 10.8 will be called Mountain Lion. It’s official! How cool is this? This fantastic new update brings a more ios-like experience. This new OS will sync with your devices, and it will still work like a Mac, but it will bring over several ios features.

Here’s a summary of the new features(mostly from ios):

  • Notification Center: Just like a combination of ios and Growl. Get notifications from all of your apps in one central location.
  • Notes: I am obsessed with my notes on my iphone. I need a place to instantly store my ideas quickly, and I am so happy to see this come over. This will be sweet! In a very Evernote-like way it will sync across all of your devices so you have your ideas everywhere.
  • More ios-like sharing features. Everybody loves that little share button in ios, and Apple is bringing that to the mac. Easily Tweet, email, and and share everything from notes, to webpages. This should be nice, although all of these things could be previously done with the Twitter client, and a few other things. You can even share from Photobooth (yeah, there will still be photobooth)
  • A much cleaner UI, by utilizing much of the efficiency that Apple has needed for 3-10 inch screens on larger screens.
  • Game Center- Just like on ios, Play Mac games with your friends, and compete with people from around the world. I think this will work perfectly to improve gaming popularity on OSX.
  • Stream your screen to your Apple TV via Airplay- This means that you can watch your computer screen on your HDTV. How insane is that? A 55 inch Mac? The sky is the limit. There are also preset settings for imovie, and keynote so you can watch your presentations and movies on TV. with ease.
  • Gatekeeper- Security, and privacy. A security hub. This looks extremely useful. Mac users have never really needed security software, but it’s nice to have an extra layer of security. I was talking with a panel of nerds a week ago who said that Microsoft should have a built in security software to kill the crappy and annoying Norton and McAfee softwares. Someone took our advice (LOL).
  • Messages- Same as on ios- Syncs with i-devices. Unlimited imessages. Connects to Facetime and imessage- so it fully replaces ichat. This is another exciting thing. You can demo this if you have Lion by going to Apple’s website right now.

And that’s Mountain Lion OSX 10.8. There will be much more ios, and icloud¬†integration, and a faster, and far superior experience to Lion. This should make a fantastic OS, and I’m psyched to try it. Check it out, and tell us what YOU think below. See yah!

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