Apple Begins 25 billion App Countdown- Who Will Win?

As the Apple ios App Store closes in on 25 billion apps, millions of geeks are vying to win. I know the winner of the 1 billion app contest, and I can tell you the prize is sweet. In this case it is going to be a $15,000 ITUNES giftcard for one lucky winner. At press time the count was at 24.792 billion apps. If it moves at an average pace, the contest will end in 11 days, but the pace of download has drastically increased since the launch of the app store on July 10th of 2008. I am determined to beat you all out by the way.

Just to put the giftcard in perspective, it could buy 14,423 average priced apps. It could rent 15,151 TV shows, or buy you an equivalent number of songs. If you bought songs on the rare occasion that Apple offers songs for $.69 you could buy 21,739 songs. This giftcard is going to keep one nerd/audiophile/cinophile very, very, busy. Good luck, and see you soon.

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Michael Sitver

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