Youtube Revamps insight Feature- More Changes To Come

The New Map Feature

As part of their revamp Youtube has completely remade their “Youtube insight” program and renamed it Analytics. For those of you who don’t know what analytics is it is a system for video creators to track their page views and find who is viewing their videos from when and where. This allows them to target their content and it is also just an interesting thing to look at.

The new program is much improved compared to the old Youtube insight page. For example, the map view used to be a tiny window that was confusing but now it is a clean page that allows you to track your views and traffic very specifically and easily. The new interface is cleaner too and it is easier to read the charts and find specific details. This feature is separate from Youtube’s nearly dead “Cosmic Panda” project from earlier this year.

In a hint of what is to come Youtube also renamed the “My Videos” tab to “Video Manager”. No changes have been made besides the name yet but they are probably on the way.

Google has this year revamped Youtube, Blogger, and several other services in an effort to simplify and improve their services. I’m excited to see what lies ahead. What do you think?

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