Zynga Poker- A full house full package

Lately I’ve been blowing thousands gambling- and it never cost me a cent. I have been hooked on Zynga Poker (Free).

The app has Open tables with no buy-in and competition that anybody can get in. The app is functional and rarely crashes.

The app also gives you tens of thousands of chips for free and often replenishes that supply and offers games for every level of better, and player. I personally play the “250 stake” games in the quick tourneys.

Another cool feature is the hand meter which does not work for tournament play but for a small percentage of your winnings ranks your hand based on the table conditions and cards. I admit that I use it often.

This is a great app for playing free poker (although I admit I couldn’t pass up the $.99 chip deal for 120,000- that’s 1200 chips per cent) although it has been glitchy in the past and i have lost a few hands because of computer error-
Rating: (5/5) Very Good

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Michael Sitver

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  1. aceishigh10low says:

    I preffer 777 poker bt Zynga is pretty good 2

  2. daftar slot says:

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