EarPod Pudding?

We’ve already discussed the originality of Apple’s earpod headphones, but even their packaging seems to be breaking environmental barriers.

The packaging on the iphone’s earpods is just standard hard plastic (Trust me. I’ve tried) but the packaging for the earpods included with ipods are made of a special new Tapioca based polymer that dissolves into what I like to think of as tapioca pudding when it is soaked into water.

Why Tapioca? It’s a green and renewable resource, and it’s fricken cutting edge stuff. Never before has biodegradable packaging of this kind been used on such a mass scale.

This sets a new standard. Meg Whitman has said she wants to turn HP into something similar to Apple. So does RIM with their Blackberry brand. And what about Microsoft?

Everybody’s clamoring to beat Apple, but they know that they have to in a way be Apple to beat Apple. They’ve embraced major keynote product launches, similar designs, and even Microsoft’s Apple Store Clone, the Microsoft store.

So is packaging next? Usually it takes about a year of sucess for other companies to start copying, so I’d advise you to start looking for more quickly degrading and eco-friendly packaging by around November of 2013.

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Michael Sitver

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