Get Games For Your ipad in South Africa

Did you try to download Angry Birds in South Africa? Cut the Rope Maybe? Bottom line is that if you are reading this post you probably failed. Don’t worry. In this post I will show you how to get Angry Birds and Everything else on your iphone or ipad.

First, the cause: Censorship. South Africa demands control and review of certain apps. Apple developers just don’t feel like dealing with this so many apps aren’t available.

The Solution: Here’s the trick that worked for me:

  1. Set up a new Gmail account. This is what we will use for your new Apple ID.
  2. Purchase some US itunes gift cards. For South African’s, I’ve found this site that sells US iTunes cards (used to be different- now just Amazon):   Click HERE
  3. Create a new apple ID on the apple website. Do not enter credit card info. Set your location to somewhere in the United States.
  4. Grab your i-device. If you are already logged in to your itunes account from South Africa then go to settings-app store- and log out of your Apple ID.
  5. Now Go into the blue App Store app and find an app that is free. Click to download the app.
  6. It will prompt you to enter an account. Log in to the account we created in step 3
  7. Select the US app store (not the South African) and confirm the itunes policy.
  8. Follow through to payment. Unless you have a US credit card I would recommend you enter a gift card code into the gift card space. By doing this you are able to bypass the credit card area.
  9. Check out our list of the best games that you can now get.
  10. Enjoy Angry Birds and every other app we take for granted here in the USA.
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Michael Sitver

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