Apple’s WWDC- What To Expect

Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple’s major developer conference is just around the corner and rumors as to what we might see and what Apple will release at WWDC 2012. Here’s a look at the major ones and their probability. Be sure to like us on Google Plus using the button on the right and share this with fellow nerds.

ipad nano– 

Extremely Unlikely. The current iPad release is only months old while apple’s typical cycle is over a year. There is little evidence that Apple has any interest in creating a smaller tablet. The belief of many of Apple’s designers is that the iPad is the perfect size for tablet functionality. Smaller tablet screens are too small to have the useful functions of many tablets such as watching movies easily, and too large to be a pocket sized device. Cramming in all of the components in a smaller form would also be a major challenge. And app compatibility would be an extra challenge with the new screen size.

iphone 5-

The iPhone 5 is also extremely unlikely due to Apple’s release cycle, but not impossible. It’s been nine months which means it would be extremely early, but not crazy close. It would also not be the first time the iPhone has been unveiled at WWDC. Don’t expect it, but don’t count it out.

iOS 6 and OSX Mountain Lion-

99% at least one of them. WWDC is a developer conference, meaning their main concern is software. Apple often showcases their latest operating systems at the conference, and they released the details to Mountain Lion several months ago. With the release date getting very close, Mountain lion is definitely going to be given a release date, and IOS 6 will probably be put into beta.

All New Macbook Pros-

The new Macbook pro line is well overdue and several sources are reporting an imminent release date. But as I said, WWDC is a software conference so I’d give it a 2/3 shot of Apple releasing it this month, and a 60% shot of it happening at the conference. See our predictions for what those will have here. Hope this helped.
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