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 Today I will review the CNN app for iphone (Free). I have had this app for years and it has served its purpose well. Here’s The Full Review:

Interface: The interface of the CNN app is extremely basic. Each article has one picture or video The app features a simple black background with light colored fonts. This app is very easy to read anywhere. Some apps have black font on white but those are much harder to read in the sun. I do wish that the app featured more pictures and categories. I also do not like the ads. I often click on them by accident while reading an article and have to tap a little to get out. You can also publish directly to CNN ireport from the app and view assignments.

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The CNN app features full articles that are updated to the minute. Everything is always very current and the articles are sorted by category and date which means that you aren’t going to find 20 year old articles. The app also features video organized in the same way or by cover flow which is cool. The coolest feature is live streams of CNN and HLN for anyone who subscribes to major TV companies such as DirecTV, Cablevision, and Fios.

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Handy Features: There are a few features I really like that I think other apps should emulate. They frequently send out push notifications which keeps me current no matter what I am focussed on (it can be a little distracting at times). The live streaming is awesome because it is always on. I like browsing in cover flow. I also love the ability to save articles that you don’t have time to read for as long as you want.  

CNN Local Page

Problems: The ads can be very bothersome, and the categories are much more limited than the website. They need to publish all of the photos and videos to the app. I have found that articles with 5 photos on the website only have one in the app.

Top Stories Page

Conclusion: Overall we gave the app  (4) out of 5 because the app is very solid, rarely has a bug, and is very useful. It lost one star for the problems we laid out but was very good. For more on our rating system check out our rating page above and tell us what you think about the app below.

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