10 Best Apps Around? Questionable

I just went “Digging” around and found an interesting article on free iphone apps which you can see here. While I agree that those are ten very solid apps, I wouldn’t put all them in my top ten favorites. 

I can see Dropbox being in the top ten because Dropbox allows users to access all of their important data in a very intuitive fashion. I can’t see ebay Motors on a top ten list because it is too specific for a general list and can be boring to most users. I can see Google Places on a top ten list, but with so many apps like that including Siri, Trip Advisor, Yelp, and others I don’t see it as top ten material.
Basically if you are a new iphone user looking for a list of great apps then this serves its purpose but I would not say this is a correct top ten. I do think they did a good job though so check them out once again here. Tell me below what your top ten would look like. Do you agree or disagree with them?
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Michael Sitver

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