Google Unveils “Helpouts” Video Consulting Marketplace – Guide

Studies show that 100% of people are good at something. Google is apparently looking to capitalize on that, with a new marketplace for selling your skills, called “Helpouts”. Google Helpouts allow you to make money by sharing your skills with those who’d like to learn, via their Hangout video chat software. Read on to find out what else Helpouts has in store, and leave a comment as to what you think of Helpouts.

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What is Google Helpouts?

Google pitches Helpouts as “a new way to connect people who need help with people who can give help, over live video, anytime”. Examples they provide include virtual yoga instructors, chefs,  and repairmen.

A lot of marketplaces (i.e Fiverr) have offered on-demand help, but Google gives this a new twist by adding the live video-chatting element. Whereas on other services, a chef may send you recipes and advice in advance for an upcoming meal you have to cook for, Helpouts allows your cooking instructor to be right in the kitchen with you, where they can monitor your progress, offer advice, and help you along the way.

Helpouts brings a personal element to virtual assistance, and changes an industry which has long been overrun with workers from 3rd world nations. A thriving marketplace, top-notch technological background, and the ability to set their own prices (a key feature) should drive American workers into this, and make Helpouts a popular service.

Helpouts is a High Stakes Game

Google is singlehandedly testing an industry. If Helpouts succeeds, hundreds (or even thousands) of Americans (and others) will have a new full or part-time income to rely on, and Google’s proof of concept will open up the market to new competitors creating further jobs.

However, if Helpouts fails, it will almost certainly decimate the industry. If even the mighty Google cannot create an online marketplace where consultants make fair wages, who else would even attempt it? Helpouts will make or break the industry.


How To Get a Google Helpouts Invite

Go to the Helpouts website, and sign up for an invitation. They’ll gradually be sending out beta invitations, as they’ve done with other projects (gmail).

I’ll let you know when I’m available for consulting.

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