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Happy International Pi Day

Happy National Pie Day! Today (at least in the world of mm-dd-yy dates) is 3/14/13, a time when we celebrate pi, everyones favorite number. Enjoy this video on the history of pi, and those of you who are nerdy enough can point out that this post was published at 3/14 at 1:59:26, getting as close to Pi as possible. That’s actually called International Pi...

Mark Zuckerberg- The Nerdy Kid With Glasses?

I have no problems with nerds with glasses (all I’m missing is the glasses) but until this photo I had no idea that Mark Zuckerberg had the look down. Zuckerberg currently rocks the wardrobe of hoodies and sweatpants, but this photo posted by a family member on facebook shows it wasn’t always that way. Sorry this isn’t a longer post, but it’s my birthday....

We’re NASA And We Know it- Oh yes

Houston, a hilarious new video has landed on Youtube. This awesome video resonates with nerds everywhere for a reason. I hope you get as many laughs out of this as I did. Let me know what you think in the comments. Posts provided by The App Store Chronicle- All Rights reserved