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Hextris is the best open source game in a while

This Game Is More Addicting Than 2048, And It’s Open-source too

The next great open-source game has arrived. Earlier this year, the world was engrossed by 2048, an open-source puzzle game which attracted millions of players, and perhaps billions of games. Now comes the recently-created Hextris, a hexagonal version of the hit game Tetris. The premise is simple. Use your arrow keys to rotate a hexagon as lines of color fly at you. Line up...

open-source version of 2048 and 1024 is 16384

A Devilish Twist on 2048

Well, you thought 2048 was as hard, and addictive as puzzle games got. You haven’t yet come across 16384. 16384 is 2048, except the board is four times larger. I’m talking about 64 slots to worry about, and 64 slots that you have to fill to lose. It’s a four-times bigger board, but whether it’s four times as fun? That’s up to you to...