Binge-Watch Steve Jobs Through The Ages

Over the decades, Steve Jobs improved the lives of billions of people, but rarely did he talk about his own.

We combed the internet for 10 hours worth of the best things Steve Jobs ever said publicly, from 1980-2011.  Instead of re=watching Orange Is The New Black, or Arrested Development, why don’t you revel in the future, and binge-watch Elon Musk.

In these videos Jobs discusses Apple, Pixar, NeXT, the future, and more. Enjoy.

1980. Pre-Mac

Enjoy one of the few interviews that Jobs did before introducing the Mac. It’s an interesting look at Steve before many of his biggest triumphs and failures. He’s also got a crazy haircut!

1985. Brainstorming at NeXT

This little documentary showcases a bit of what it was like to work under Steve Jobs. Shown is a brainstorming session for NeXT employees, led by Jobs.

1990. Steve Jobs, post-firing

The year is 1990. Steve Jobs has been fired from Apple, and has started a rival computing company called NeXT. Steve Jobs gives an interview on his new company, his old company, the future, and the past. 

1994. SVHA (With beard)

Sporting a great beard, Jobs sits down with the Silicon Valley Historical Association to discuss his legacy, and his work at NeXT (which has transformed since the 1990 interview), and Apple.

1995. Right Before Jobs’s return to Apple

This is one of Steve’s final interviews at NeXT before his dramatic return to Apple.

1996. Steve Jobs and John Lasseter Discuss Pixar

Between stints at Apple, Jobs also bought a controlling interest in Pixar, and led it to major success. This interview with Jobs, and Pixar Creative czar John Lasseter is one of a select number of interviews with Jobs to discuss solely Pixar.

1997. He’s back

Steve Jobs has just returned to Apple as interim CEO. He discusses his plan for reviving the struggling company, and why Apple is now the future.

1997. Internal think-different introduction

This leaked internal video shows a presentation that Jobs gave to Apple managers in 1997, unveiling Apple’s “Think Different” slogan and marketing campaign. The ‘Think Different’ campaign was the first real sign of progress in Cupertino. This is also a rare look at Steve Jobs unfiltered.

2005. Stanford Commencement Address

In his most famous speech, Steve Jobs talks to Stanford graduates about life, death, and pursuing your passion. He discusses his own experience with education, and with near-death experiences. This is inspiring in a very different sense than the other videos here.

2005. D3 Conference Interview.

Steve Jobs sits down with Walt Mossberg to talk about Apple, the iPod, and the future.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates: Dual interview (2007)

Journalist Walt Mossberg interviews Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs at the same time. Jobs and Gates discuss their rivalry, friendship, and mutual respect.

In addition to his interview with Gates, Jobs also sat down alone to talk at the 2007 D conference

Steve Jobs interviewed by Walt Mossberg At D8 (2010)

We finish off with one of Jobs’s final long interviews, again at Walt Mossberg’s D conference. 2010 was a big year for Apple with the introduction of the iPad, and other big sellers.

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