Apple’s New Ad is Inspiring (and super-viral)

Some judge the worth of a product by its features. Others judge it by the impact it has on society. That’s Apple’s message in its latest commercial, titled “Dreams”, advertising the iPhone.

The ad was released yesterday, and it’s being very well received. Based on my refreshing, it’s now receiving 30,000-40,000 views an hour, up from 20,000 a few hours ago. It’s also received nearly 8,000 likes, and a like-dislike ratio of 32:1.

Perhaps it’s because it confirms what we all hope: that technology makes our lives better. There’s always news about how smartphones are making us less social, or more prone to violence, or even more likely to die of a heart attack. It’s nice to see something that shows the good in a product. It’s also nice to see an ad that barely focusses on a product, and instead focusses on a story. It’s different, and that difference is driving its success.

Watch it and Enjoy

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Can you find the best words to describe Apple’s new ad?

Try our twitter challenge

Can you find the best words to describe Apple’s new ad?

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