The great panic: the world’s first computer virus (Video)

“The Only thing we have to fear is fear itself” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

How do you respond when a seemingly safe and impenetrable system is penetrated? We all know now to be wary of internet data, and that everything on the connected web is vulnerable, but this fascinating clip from 1988 exemplifies this issue at its heart, when we had just realized the issue existed, and the gravity of that issue.

I’m sharing this as a source of technological optimism: Every unforeseen challenge can be overcome, with a little bit of work. We may not have perfect security (anything but), but we have enough despite amazing advances in technology to provide more than a semblance of safety.

There’s a lot of polarization and fear in the media, over our privacy online, and over the safety of the many web-enabled systems we rely on every day, from our power, to our water, to our cell systems.

We shouldn’t let down our guard by any means, but the retrospect of this incident reminds us that we shouldn’t spend our lives living in fear.

Or you could always put on your tin foil hat, and read this


Michael Sitver

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