Flow Puzzle Game Review: iOS’s Most Addicting Games

flow free 14 by 14 puzzle

To get a review on this site, games have to be really addictive, and we’ve only encountered a few such games over the past two years. Flow, and Flow free together are one of those games. For both iPhone and iPad, I find this game excellent. Read on:


Flow is connect the dots with a twist. No lines can overlap, and every square in the level’s grid must be filled.

For each level of Flow, there is a square grid ranging in size from 5 by 5 (easiest) to 14 by 14 (hardest), with a varying number of colored dots in varying positions. The challenge is in using every square without overlapping lines.

Just How Addictive Is This?

I played it for eight hours straight on a 14 hour flight. I also played it until my iPad’s battery died during a 20 hour car ride. I’ve had a lot of long transportations lately, and through them all has been flow.

How Long Can You Play This For?

There are 900 free levels. The easiest level can be done in well under a minute, while the hardest level took me literal hours to figure out. After finishing a level, try doing it again in the least moves possible.

Using Free levels alone: 35 hours + of gameplay (slightly less if you’re really good)

With premium levels, you could play Flow for days and days continually, though by the time you conquer the whole of the free levels, you’ll probably want to stop. After binging, I felt a sense of accomplishment at the completion of all the free levels, and never even had to buy the rest.

Conclusion: Get This Game NOW

Seriously, no game I’ve had on my iPhone is better for passing time. Since it’s got no time constraints, it can be played for short periods and then returned to later, but it’s also great for long periods of time (as my plane ride ^ proved).  The only real downside, which is extremely minor, is that the largest grids are a bit small to play on the iPhone, and a bit hard to maneuver with my fat fingers.

Download Flow Free for your iPad or iPhone here.

Download Flow Free for Android here.

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