Quick Review: WhatsApp Messenger

iMessage is great when all of your friends have iPhones, but when your friends and family around the globe have Droids, and Blackberries, and Windows Phones too, it gets frustrating to send them all messages (and downright expensive). That’s where WhatsApp messenger comes in.

I had family abroad last year with a Blackberry (i Know right?) so I turned to a combination of WhatsApp and Skype to stay in touch. Besides speed, and saved-money, Whatsapp also offers some unique features that make it a great communication tool. Whatsapp has photo, video, text, and audio messaging (very unique) which all work as expected, but the great thing about Whatsapp is the openness.

It’s on every platform, available worldwide, and messages are free. It’s a great imessages alternative, and messages sync between devices as well. At $1 for the app, Whatsapp Messenger is a great messaging option for everyone.
Openness Sets Whatsapp Messenger Appart

Every carrier and manufacturer and operating system has their own proprietary messaging service and they all charge ridiculous fees internationally, so Whatsapp bridges the gap so well that it won our first ever Bridge award (more info later).

Whatsapp Download info

For iPhone, you can download it here.

WhatsApp download varies by platform. It’s available for six different platforms including Whatsapp Android (for those wondering) but for iOS (iphone, iPad, Etc) it’s of course readily available in the app store.

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