Play Tetris on Your Mac, and Other Easter Eggs- How To

Mac OSX has a ton of “easter eggs” (fun hidden features) built in, but not many people know them. Did you know you can play snake, and tetris, and pong straight from Terminal? I put just a few of the best easter eggs and fun little tricks here.

How To Play Tetris, Snake, and More for free- no downloads necessary

  1. Open up Terminal from your utilities folder.
  2. Type in “emacs”
  3. Press ESC and X at the same time.
  4. Type in whatever game you want to play. Your choices are:
  • 5×5
  • Animate
  • blackbox
  • bruce
  • cookie1
  • decipher
  • doctor
  • dunnet
  • fortune
  • gamegrid
  • gametree
  • gomoku
  • handwrite
  • hannoi
  • landmark
  • life
  • meese
  • morse
  • mpuz
  • pong
  • snake
  • solitaire
  • spook
  • studly
  • tetris
  • yow
  • zone

How To Read the lost note of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs left this earth one year ago, but before he did, he left a note about the crazy ones to Kate and this note is the icon for Textedit. Here’s how to read it.

  1. Open finder.
  2. Open applications and drag Textedit to you desktop.
  3. Right click textedit on your desktop and select “show view options”. Increase your icon size to the maximum. On the textedit icon you can make out the note. I’ll also post a picture of it enlarged to make it easier below.

Tomorrow we’ll have some more eggs for you here.

1984 Mac Download Easter Egg

A preview of what’s to come in tomorrow’s easter eggs

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