Great Classic Games Ported To the iPhone

A lot of great games have been revived and revitalized on the iPhone, so today I’lll share a few for your enjoyment. If you enjoy this list then share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, or whatever network you enjoy the most.

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  • Lemonade Tycoon: Launched originally in 2002, Lemonade Stand is a classic tycoon game where you design a simple business strategy and watch it grow. Building your lemonade Stand into a local monopoly and buying all the top equipment will definitely keep you hooked for a few hours which is exactly what I look for in an iOS game. The best part is that it’s free.

  • Tetris: This game’s a bit more costly at $1 but it definitely pays for itself. Tetris has an interesting history. It was first developed and sold in Soviet Russia in 1984 (the year the Mac was introduced) and only came to video game consoles and then computers in the US two years later. Considering the utility of arrow keys and such in the original tetris game, I was worried at first about how the controls would work on a touch display, but the intuitive gestures of this well designed game quickly dispelled all of my fears.


  • Pacman may be a product of 1980, but it’s perfectly fit for the touch screen. Due to the intricacies of steering, it’s easier to do on a larger screen such as a tablet, but gameplay is still very enjoyable on my iPhone. There is a paid version, but the free version suits all my needs.


  • Scrabble/Words With Friends: Scrabble was first played in 1948, but the time it really peaked in popularity was more than sixty years later in 2011. Words With Friends (basically Scrabble with a different gameboard) has become more than just a game. It became a part of our culture with millions of players and incidents such as when Alec Baldwin refused to stop playing WWF on a plane. The real Scrabble app is $2 but Words with Friends is free.

Do you know of any old games that now have great apps? Give us some new apps to try. Just leave it in a comment.

Michael Sitver

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