Maps Gives Me a 14,000 mile Detour

Whoops! Why does Apple think I’m in England? Apple’s Maps has been trying to give me directions, except for the fact that the results happen to require driving through England. I’m in the New York Metro Area by the way.

So that would be a…let’s see…14,000 mile detour. Not quite perfect. That would be the nice way to describe Apple’s maps. The Satellite images for Apple’s maps are meant for, and made by Tom Tom. This means that they’re not made for high-resolution screens. This is especially frustrating when I try and look at the fricking map. You can barely zoom in any more.

 The satellite directions, as mentioned literally took me on a 14,000 detour when they knew more about my location than I do. How is this possible with the modern GPS technology of today. Some people at Apple are losing their jobs due to this (no pun intended).

 Ughhh! Apple! Why must you frustrate me? I love you like a cousin, and yet you betray me because of some stupid feud with Google. At least Google gives me free stuff. You’re so difficult sometimes.

Anyways, the good news is that reported fixes are on the way. An app developer, and friend of mine made a good point, saying “They built it in three months”. So it’s not bad for three months, and if it’s progressive, it should be markedly better in three months right?

 Unless of course this is a ploy to get us to buy third party GPS apps and make them some cash, I would guess that it will be better within the year. Have you used Maps yet? What do you think of it?

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Michael Sitver

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