The Deleted…Three Apps Too Useless For your iphone

“Don’t buy, Don’t Buy, Don’t Buy”. This reminds me of “Arrested Development” (To which I have posted a clip of at the bottom of the page above our related posts, and link to subscribe to our newsletter). I was cleaning out my iphone the other day and came across several wastes of space. These are apps ranging from “just not worth the storage waste” to “a huge waste of money”. Here are a few apps not to waste your precious money and space on.

  • Sim City: Not a terrible game. It doesn’t do the original justice at all. It is more featureless than the DS game (which is quite an achievement) and the graphics suck. I wouldn’t buy it again. The interface is messy and small. I’m sticking to the original. I still keep my Sim City Deluxe hanging around my house and stick it in a PC if I want to play. This iphone app pails in comparison, and wastes space. Do not buy.
  • Dragon Dictation: This app isn’t bad, and it costs nothing. If you need a transcribing app this is OK. I still think apps like Vlingo are better. I am however, impressed with their other app “Dragon Go”. Still takes up space though, so I said buhbye to it.
  • NBA 2K 12: Possibly the greatest waste of money I have ever encountered. For $3.99 you get a crappy game, with confusing controls, and several reported bugs. You also lose nearly 1/2 a Gigabyte. Don’t buy this piece of crap.

Those are Today’s “don’t buys”.
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