Johnny Ive Hints At Special new mac

Cult of Mac is reporting that famed Apple design chief Johnny Ive leaked to a reporter about possibly the greatest project of his career which has included the imac, ipod, iphone, ipad, and more. They went on to speculate about the possibility of Apple’s new post-PC device. They described a device very similar to Microsoft’s touch Table device from a few years ago but I disagreed. I don’t think that’s where the Mac and ios are headed. Here’s where I think they’re going.

I think within three years Apple will be ready for a partial merger of ios and Mac lines. The iphone will still continue on as usual, and there will still be standard macs running whatever OS is the norm at the time, but mobile devices such as laptops and tablets are going to be where the change occurs. Apple showcased their revolutionary magnetic connection technology with the smart cover for ipad. The smart cover uses a small set of magnets as very simple, strong hinges that temporarily, and cleanly covers the ipad. Based on what I’ve seen, I think this technology will be key in future technology. I think eventually Apple will replace its’ Macbook air line with an entirely new type of device.

This device will resemble the current rendition of the ipad with the exception of size (13 inches as opposed to 9.5), but these devices will be radically different thanks to the new magnetic connection technology. Through this new technology based off of Apple’s existing smart magnetic technology, there will be a keyboard/trackpad connected like a smart cover. There is already technology in existence which can transfer power to a device without wires so this keyboard will be ultrathin and literally snap right on and just work like a smart cover. The magnets built into the new device’s keyboard will automatically activate the keyboard’s bluetooth when it is connected to the main part of the device.

Apple's Latest Device?- A visualization of a combo Mac and ipad as done by
Apple’s Latest Device?-

 Basically, the new device will function exactly like a normal laptop (albeit very light) until you take off the keyboard. Using the device’s ultrafast solid state hard drive, the new device will automatically switch from an OSX-like interface to an ios interface and work like an ipad. All of your applications from OSX become icons in your IOS Springboard (also known as the home screen) and you can also use ios Applications from the app store. This brings touch, and laptop technology together in a minimalist, and seamless way that only Apple can do, and you can expect this new device in just a few years.

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