How NOT To Share Everything You Do on Facebook

Do you read a lot of articles online? Do you watch a lot of videos? Do you LOVE a Facebook game? If you participate in one of these activities along with thousands of others and I’m friends with you on Facebook I know, because the developers of these apps and sites build autosharing into their applications for the free publicity to your friends. But, thanks to Facebook’s fancy features, you can control who shares to your account down to the last detail, and you can stop the spamming. Here’s how.

  1. To start taking back control of your account, head over to the top right corner of Facebook and click on the arrow head next to “Home”.
  2. Under the drop down menu, select “account settings”.
  3. In the left sidebar of your settings page, select “Apps”.
  4. From there scroll down the list of your apps.
  5. Remove any apps you no longer use by clicking the blue X next to any app and confirming that you want to remove it.

Now we’re going to control who can post as us.

  1. If you have time, click the “edit” next to each app, go to the section marked “this app can also” and hit the X next to “Post on your behalf”
  2. That “post on your behalf” should disappear, and that app can no longer post as you.
  3. You’re now free to browse whatever you’d like without letting your friends stalk you.
  4. Check out this fascinating video on the founding of Facebook, to learn more on how it all got started.

 Mark Zuckerberg Doesn’t consider Facebook a social network?*


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