Richard Branson Aims To Change Mobile Carrier- User Relationship

What if your cellular carrier was made to serve you? What would they be like? Would they charge $5 a month for unlimited data? Would they refuse to throttle their customers? That’s my dream. But for now, we’re stuck with ATT, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Virgin Mobile. Wondering why I included Virgin Mobile? You probably aren’t, considering Richard Branson’s face is plastered in the video below, but I’ll explain anyway. In this provocative, minute and a half advertisement, Richard Branson (founder of the Virgin brands) poses and attempts to answer the same question. Why can’t a cellular carrier serve its’ customers instead of its’ shareholders? Richard Branson made some interesting, and strong claims in the video below, but they are really no different from what VMUSA’s parent company Sprint has been advertising. A low cost, truly unlimited data plan. Anyways, I’m kind of rambling now, so just enjoy the video and share your thoughts on it below.

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Michael Sitver

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