Microsoft Releases Consumer Preview for Windows 8

Yesterday Microsoft released the Windows 8 Consumer Preview for the public. A smaller, developer preview was previously available to all to try, and could be set up easily using a free VMware like Virtualbox. From my previous experience using the DP I think the metro interface will be fantastic for tablets. It will be like windows phone OS except that it will feature more of the functionality of a computer. Of course, this has its’ drawbacks in that it will be more buggy and virus-prone than say ios. I’m not sure how much use Metro will get for desktop users because most are stubborn and like having a real desktop. Many of Windows’ current customers are business users, and gamers who find it more functional to work with a desktop. I do like Metro though, and I feel that it will make for a fantastic app launching experience. They are, of course completely copying Apple’s Launchpad, and app store. But as Steve Jobs said “Great artists steal”.

I have yet to download the Consumer Preview, because frankly, the time it takes to download does not justify the end results, and I’ve been busy, but I’m excited to see if Windows can break the streak and release more than one successful operating system in a row, unlike in the past where they have failed at every other operating system. Stay tuned, and watch the in-depth video below on the consumer preview from my friend Craighton Miller. Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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Michael Sitver

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