iOS Bugs Resolved- How I saved My Phone

Yesterday I wrote about the daylight savings bug that I experienced, and I thought I lost all my data. Even the Applecare representative saw no other option besides syncing from my old back up. After sitting, and shedding some tears for my thousands of lost photos I thought about it. Two minutes, which was how long the reset took, was not enough time to wipe my data. My data was still on that phone, and I knew it. After thinking some more, I realized that the phone’s settings had reset so that it thought it was a new iphone. All settings had been reset, which is why I received the setup menu. Thank god I didn’t sync from a back up. I selected “Set up as new iphone” because I knew since it thought it was a new phone, it would not wipe the data. I made the right move. All of my data was still safe, and sound on the phone, and it just required a little bit of configuration to get my settings back to normal. So don’t panic if you ever think you lost your data. Just don’t touch your phone, until you have a plan of action, and you may be able to save it. Bye.

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Michael Sitver

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