5 Reasons To Use Opera Mini For ios

Image Courtesy of Opera Software Inc.

Safari for iphone is a fantastic web browser, it works, it’s easy to use, and it has a nice set of features. So what reason could you possibly have use any different browser? Well, with Opera Mini- a speedy little web browser for ios I can think of several.

  1. It’s free. There’s no incentive not to download it. It only takes up 3.3 MB. This is a fantastic deal.
  2. It’s fast. Opera Mini is recognized as one of the fastest web browsers. You can feel the speed. The way it loads the page, and the platform it’s built from is optimized for speed.
  3. Advanced, Chrome-like interface. For those of you who know me, you know that I love Google Chrome. Unfortunately, there is no Chrome on ios for Political reasons. This is the closest browser I have found in look and feel. The Optimized UI. Opera Mini is built in a beautiful jet black to make the browser window less invasive.
  4. More tabs. I have a lot of websites that I like to keep open, and Opera Mini allows me to do that by offering seemingly unlimited numbers of tabs. I stopped counting at 25 tabs because frankly it was getting repetitive. Safari offers only 8 tabs which is very limiting for those of us who do a lot of research on their iphone. Opera Mini offers a few other wonderful features including saved pages which allows you to save webpages for offline viewing. The start page offers great convenience when opening up your most commonly used web pages.
  5. Data Savings. Opera loads, compresses, and optimizes your sites on their servers so your device uses less data. This saves money, for those of you without unlimited data, and prevents and stops throttling for those of us with “unlimited data”. By consuming less data you can get out of the 3GB range and save even more time (a lot of time).

So that’s five reasons to use Opera Mini for ios. I hope you learned something in this article and it is encouraged to share what you know in the comments field. Sign up for our email newsletter for even more great tips, tricks, news, and reviews. Bye!

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