The Impact of NeXTSTEP on Mac os, OSX, and IOS

Hey Fellow nerds; Happy New Years! Most of you are familiar with the history of Apple. As they were failing in the mid 90s Steve Jobs swooped in to save the company. One lesser known aspect of his return is that since it was brought on by Apple’s purchase of his company NeXT they also acquired some cool new ideas from next that are still in use today.

The Dock: The dock that feels so natural to us all now was actually a NeXT innovation meant to make it easier to store applications instead of having to go searching. And it worked!
Audio Clips in Emails: The sharing of audio via the internet really opened up society and helped to popularize the web.
Dictionary Application: NeXTSTEP was the first OS to be bundled with a full dictionary with searchable text, along with several other reference books. This was the origin of e-books and the start of an application we still use today.

So as you can see… And to counter some points… the acquisition of NeXT was done for more reasons then to just bring Jobs back. NeXT created several important features. If you have any other important features that I didn’t include that came from NeXT please tell us below. Be sure to subscribe to our email list or feed for even more daily content!

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